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Please welcome the talented and prolific Jennifer (sometimes Jenny) Thomson to the blog for a takeover in which she talks about her new book ‘Hell To Pay: Die Hard for Girls’.


Hell To Pay is complete fiction, but I wrote the novel for a very real reason. I was sick of hearing about women being the victims of appalling crimes and too often not getting justice, like the teenage girl who was raped who’s underwear was discussed in court because the accused’s lawyer’s suggested she’d gone out looking to have sex with his client.

On too many occasions (in the case I just mentioned, the girl killed herself), it was only after their deaths that the horrors of what they endured came out. I set out to write a piece of escapist fiction, where the central character went all Die Hard and got her revenge big style.

I wanted to create a believable protagonist and I think I’ve done that with Glasgow lass Nancy Kerr who also stars in the next Die Hard for Girls book Throwaways, which will be out next year.

Nancy may start her journey as a victim, but she finds an inner strength to go after the men who murdered her parents and left her dying on the kitchen floor. But she’s not just an unfeeling revenge machine; she thinks about her actions. Hopefully that makes her real. The books in the Die Hard for Girls series will all have a common theme – vengeance.  

As a writer, you think you’ve done all the work by securing a publishing contract and writing the book, but that’s when the hard work starts. Trying to get reviews is difficult as book review sites are inundated with books. Your publisher might send out blanket press releases offering review copies, but ultimately you’re the one who’ll end up sending out copies to make sure they’re sent and that submissions meet strict book reviewers’ guidelines.

If you’ve joined Amazon’s Author Central, you also need to make sure the details are correct so your book or books are matched up to your author name. They spelt my surname wrong and I had to contact the individual Amazon’s to get the details corrected. Things like that are a pain, but they have to be done.

All the stress of having to sort out the niggly stuff is forgotten though when you proudly hold that first copy of the book in your hand.

Hell To Pay is out now 

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    Great to be invited, Katy:) Hope your writing is going well.

    admin says:

    Come over any time! And spiffingly, thank you :)

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