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The fabulously sassy L.C. Wilkinson paid a visit to tell me all about her novel ‘All of Me’ out with Xcite now. It is a fantastic romp of a read and a highly enjoyable one at that. Welcome Ms W!


Former soap star Flick Burrows’ life is at a crossroads. After a tragic childhood she’s clawed her way to success and a kind of happiness. But at 38, she’s been jilted at the altar and is out of work. To cap it all, she’s being hounded by the paparazzi. A theatre tour around Italy seems to be the answer to her problems.

The director’s youngest son, Orlando Locatelli, a successful businessman and model, is introduced after the opening night. Devastatingly handsome, clever and driven, he is entranced and, despite a 15-year age gap is determined to have her. The attraction is mutual but Flick knows it’s a bad idea to get involved. He’s too young, too beautiful, too complex. But Orlando is impossible to resist, and he persuades Flick that there’s no harm in a casual affair.

Flick’s outward appearance belies her painful, damaged past. And Orlando hides a dark, disturbing secret. Recognising kindred spirits, their fling transforms into an all-consuming passion that neither can control, threatening to strip Flick’s carefully constructed life bare, revealing her deepest fear and desire.

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Who are you?

L.C. Wilkinson, purveyor of smutty tomes and stories.

What are you working on?

The sequel to All of Me, provisionally titled Buried in You. We follow Flick to New York, where she begins work on the American TV series she’s offered at the end of the first novel, with a pledge from Orlando that nothing, not even the ocean, will come between them. But the pressure to stay young and beautiful is even greater in NYC and there are increasing threats to their happiness from quarters other than the rapacious media…

What’s your favourite thing in the whole entire world?

Tough call between sex, wine and chocolate…

And most unfavourite?

Dog poo on pavements.

Marmalade or marmite?

Not super keen on either, but if I had to choose: Marmite.

If you could be any person from history, film, literature or music, who would you be and why?

Boudica, Queen of the Iceni, because she kicked Roman ass at a time when women weren’t expected to do that sort of thing, or rule (at least not in most of the world); and she had very, very cool ginger hair. Though being a bit of a chicken, I don’t fancy the public flogging and death by poison much.

And while we’re on about it, what’s your favourite album/book/movie?

I always find favourite hard because I’m a greedy person and I have at least 25 favourites in all three categories. So, you’ll accept that these I mention are randoms from aforementioned Top 25? Here goes:

Album: OK Computer, Radiohead

Book: Emma, Jane Austen

Movie: El Cid

What’s the best thing that has ever happened to you?

My Ginger boys. Definitely. So I’d have to include my husband, aka The BigFella.

And the worst?

I feel that I’ve been pretty blessed in all honesty so am struggling to think of this. Maybe being ignored by the school hunk, an Elvis lookalike, all evening when a friend organised a foursome with her boyfriend. I was 16 and under-confident. It scarred me; I didn’t date anyone till I was 18. And now I sound pathetic.

Any words of wisdom to leave us with?

True wisdom is something I lack most of the time. I think it’s why I write; I’m working things out. As well as trying to entertain.

You can buy All of Me from good bookshops and other online retailers including Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

To find out more about L.C. Wilkinson visit her site

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    Thanks for having me, babe. Was such fun answering your questions. Think I should have added sparkly clothes to list of most favourite things!

    admin says:

    Any time my love – next visit you could show off something sparkly! x

    Hahaha! And I’ll try not to comment twice ;0)

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    *mwah* x

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